Shuri's Lab, Uganda

The 'Shuri’s Lab' initiative will aim to partner every school, college and university in Uganda (and the rest of Africa) with every black school and HBCU in the USA, the Caribbean and other parts of the African Diaspora via online platforms such as Google Hangouts and Facebook Live as well as project management tools like Trello and Slack as part of a ‘Wakanda’-powered rural and urban renewal program (partly inspired by the closing scene in Black Panther where T’Challa and Shuri journey to the USA in order to share their technology with Black America).

We call this endeavour ‘Shuri’s Lab’ as it aims to build a ‘digital bridge’ that links the technical and scientific know-how of the African Diaspora with that of the African continent for the purpose of mutual development. Our aim is to pilot this initiative by establishing a partnership between Uganda’s Makerere University and Black America’s Morehouse College. We will also seek to establish a 'Virtual Mulago' (named after Uganda's best-known hospital) that will link Ugandan doctors working abroad with their colleagues at hospitals around the country as an innovative way of utilizing digital tools to reverse Africa's disastrous 'brain drain' of medical professionals. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Vista Equity Partners and other Silicon Valley enterprises will be invited to participate in this project as part of a ‘digital reparations’ program.

We need your participation and support. Please reach out to us via email with your ideas and suggestions. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.