About Us

The Malcolm Shop is a UK-based non-profit that was founded in April 2019 by Paul Bitakaramire for the purpose of empowering peoples in the African Diaspora to partner with Africans on the continent in order to drive positive social, environmental and humanitarian change across Africa. We were also established to promote African countries as destinations of choice for international filmmakers, entrepreneurs and conservationists.

We are currently engaged in a Diaspora-wide campaign to bring to justice the surviving assassins of the late human rights leader, Malcolm X. This decade-long campaign is being pursued in parallel with the US-based Innocence Project's efforts to exonerate the wrongfully imprisoned and is also aimed at securing the full declassification of all federal files relating to Malcolm’s 1965 assassination under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). 

We need your participation and support. Please reach out to us via email with your ideas and suggestions. You can also find us on Facebook and YouTube.