What Farrakhan Knew

new biography on Malcolm X by the late New York journalist Les Payne (titled The Dead Are Arising) confirms common knowledge that the assassins who murdered Malcolm X on 21st February 1965 were affiliated with the Nation of Islam’s Newark Temple #25 in New Jersey.

It is also a matter of public record that Louis Farrakhan, the current leader of the Nation of Islam, had been assigned to minister at Temple #25 that morning and was present at the venue throughout the day.

While Mr Farrakhan has never disclosed the contents of the sermon he delivered in Newark — a speech which, by some accounts, contained incriminating remarks indicating a foreknowledge of what would later occur at the Audubon Ballroom — Mr Farrakhan has publicly celebrated the murder of Malcolm X and lauded his assassins as ‘fearless men’.

Chapter 19 of the aforementioned Malcolm X biography contains the only known account of what was taking place, moment-by-moment, at Newark’s Temple #25 on the day of Malcolm’s murder and includes hitherto unknown details of Mr Farrakhan’s own suspicious conduct.

And while there may be insufficient evidence at this stage to indict Mr Farrakhan as a criminal suspect in Malcolm’s killing there is a more than ample basis for the Manhattan District Attorney to subpoena Mr Farrakhan for questioning as a key witness as to who was present at Temple #25 and whether or not, as is reported in the biography, any of Malcolm’s assassins returned to the Newark Temple to boast of their exploits at the Ballroom.

Mr Farrakhan’s answers, truthful or otherwise, to the Manhattan DA’s questions about the unfolding of events in Newark that fateful day could thus prove useful in surfacing the NOI leader’s own complicity in the crime.

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Paul Bitakaramire is a freelance writer on Global Security and Justice issues based in Manchester, England. He has been published in Britain’s Spectator magazine and launched a petition to secure the prosecution of the surviving assassins of Malcolm X. That petition can be found here.