The Island of Dr Norton

Like the monster from Victor Frankenstein’s narrative that escapes the lab and turns on those by whom it was spawned, an incredible photo has surfaced (courtesy of Islamic scholar Yannis Mahil) which purports to depict the white Scotsman suspected of being the grandfather of that pitiless scourge of the white world known as Malcolm X. The man’s name was Edwin Norton and he is reported to have died in 1928, leaving behind his inheritance to a variety of institutions in Grenada, Trinidad and the UK for charitable purposes.

According to the recently published biography of Malcolm’s mother titled The Life of Louise Norton Little (written by Jessica Russell with help from Hilda Little and Steve Jones Sr.), Edwin Norton was Louise Little’s father and Malcolm himself, writing in his explosive Autobiography, refers to Mr Norton as the ‘rapist’ responsible for his own light-skinned complexion. Says Malcolm:

“Louise Little, my mother, who was born in Grenada, in the British West Indies, looked like a white woman. Her father was white. She had straight black hair, and her accent did not sound like a Negro’s. Of this white father of hers, I know nothing except her shame about it. I remember hearing her say she was glad that she had never seen him. It was, of course, because of him that I got my reddish-brown “mariny” color of skin, and my hair of the same color. I was the lightest child in our family. (Out in the world later on, in Boston and New York, I was among the millions of Negroes who were insane enough to feel that it was some kind of status symbol to be light complexioned — that one was actually fortunate to be born thus. But, still later, I learned to hate every drop of that white rapist’s blood that is in me.)”


Because of this Scottish heritage, Malcolm’s historic visits to Great Britain in 1964–5 (during which he spoke around the country and delivered his legendary address at Oxford University) could now be looked upon as a ‘homecoming’ of sorts. Even his own first name ‘Malcolm’ is of Scottish origin and a case could thus be made for the erection of a memorial in Malcolm’s honour in London’s Trafalgar Square, as well as in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

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Paul Bitakaramire is a freelance writer based in England who has previously been published in Britain’s Spectator magazine and has launched a petition to reopen the investigation into the Malcolm X assassination. That petition can be found here.

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