Malcolm X & The 'Off-World'

Astrophysicist Eric W. Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corporation (a defence contractor) said he gave a classified briefing to a Defence Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” - New York Times (24 July 2020)

Could the UFOs whose existence the Pentagon has recently confirmed have anything to do with the supernatural apparition that appeared to Malcolm X while he was in prison and which he detailed on pages 282, 283 and 285 of his Autobiography in the chapter titled ‘Saved’?:

“It was the next night, as I lay on my bed, I suddenly, with a start, became aware of a man sitting beside me in my chair. He had on a dark suit, I remember. I could see him as plainly as I see anyone I look at. He wasn’t Black, and he wasn’t white. He was light-brown-skinned, an Asiatic cast of countenance, and he had oily black hair. I looked right into his face. I didn’t get frightened. I knew I wasn’t dreaming. I couldn’t move, I didn’t speak, and he didn’t. I couldn’t place him racially – other than that I knew he was a non-European. I had no idea whatsoever who he was. He just sat there. Then, suddenly as he had come, he was gone…..

It’s impossible to dream, or to see, or to have a vision of someone whom you never have seen before – and to see him exactly as he is. To see someone, and to see him exactly as he looks, is to have a pre-vision. I would later come to believe that my pre-vision was of Master W.D. Fard, the Messiah, the one whom Elijah Muhammad​ said had appointed him – Elijah Muhammad – as His Last Messenger to the Black people of North America…” - 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X' (pgs. 282, 283, 285).

It stands to reason that if the Western world stood to gain anything from the revelation of whatever information it may possess regarding the UFO phenomenon it would have disclosed such information by now. We can therefore conclude that the technology displayed by UFOs is not 'Western' in origin or character and, consequently, the Western world may have the most to lose from any 'Arrival' or 'First Contact' with whatever Beings or Entities operate these craft.

It’s little wonder then that Westerners tend to view the UFO phenomenon as a ‘threat’ whereas persons of African descent – as the people most 'put upon' and 'hard done' by the Western world – appear to be the ethnic group that is least fearful of (and most predisposed to welcome) any ‘Encounter’ with the 'Off-World'. Of all the world’s peoples, Africans are likely to be the least mournful of the West's eclipse - or demise - in the event of any 'Landing', ‘Appearance’ or 'Manifestation' by entities from the ‘Off-World’.

Indeed, it’s highly likely that, as the world’s most ‘aboriginal’ and ‘organic’ race and the persons that gave humankind its birth, Africans are the group with whom any ‘Off-World’ civilisation would most closely identify and seek to befriend. Put another way, were E.T. to pay our planet a visit they would most likely seek out a person of African origin – an ‘African Elliott’ or ‘A.E.’ – as the ‘Gateway Being’ (or ‘G.B.’) through whom to learn about our species.

Conversely, since Western military forces and their capabilities pose the single biggest challenge to the 'Off-World' and its technology, any 'Off-World' species could be forgiven for assuming that the Westerner - and anyone that may resemble him either physically or behaviourally - constitutes an 'Antagonist Being' (or 'A.B.') and one that must be confronted and/or neutralized.

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Paul Bitakaramire is a freelance writer based in England who has previously been published in Britain’s Spectator magazine and has launched a petition to reopen the investigation into the Malcolm X assassination. That petition can be found here.